Volunteer Application

Thank you for Volunteering with Millenia Hospice!
Volunteering with Millenia Hospice is a great and rewarding way to make an impact on the lives of the sick or elderly in your community who need support. Whether you’re looking for ways to give back as an individual or looking to complete volunteer hours for National Honors Society, college volunteer internship hours or retired but want to stay busy, we can help you get plugged into the right opportunity that fits your need.
For individual volunteering opportunity please complete the volunteer application form below.
Small Group Volunteering
If you are interested in volunteering within a small group of 2-5 people, please contact Chudy Uchegbu at info@milleniahospice.com to learn more about how you and your team can make a difference with Millenia Hospice. Individuals with any skill level and time commitments are welcome and encouraged to volunteer.